Back Pain FAQs

At Valley Stream Chiropractic in Valley Stream, NY, we offer quality chiropractic services to help manage your back pain. Back pain is a common problem, and many people have questions about it. To help provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about back pain, we've put together this list.


What Causes Back Pain?

Anything that affects your spine can cause back pain. It could be a muscle strain or sprain, joint problems, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, or sciatica. Sometimes, it can be caused by something as simple as poor posture. In other cases, people may experience back pain due to extreme auto accidents. Therefore, it's essential to consult a professional when figuring out the source of your back pain is challenging.

How Can I Tell if My Back Pain is Serious?

Some individuals find it hard to tell whether their back pain is severe. However, some signs and symptoms can help determine whether your back pain requires medical attention. These include numbness, sharp pains that shoot down your legs, difficulty standing up straight after sitting for an extended period, unexplained fever, prolonged stiffness in the morning, and loss of bladder control. If you're experiencing any of these symptoms, seeking medical attention immediately is essential.

How Can I Prevent Back Pain?

Back pain can be prevented by making lifestyle changes and adopting healthy habits. This includes exercising regularly to keep your muscles strong and flexible, maintaining a healthy weight, and avoiding activities that strain your back. Additionally, it's essential to use good posture when sitting and standing and take frequent breaks from activities involving repetitive motions.

How Should I Treat Back Pain?

Back pain treatment varies based on the cause of the problem and how long you've been dealing with it. In most cases, rest, physical therapy, and medications will be part of your treatment plan. A chiropractor can offer different treatment options, such as spinal manipulation, massage, and ultrasound. If physical exams or imaging studies do not identify the cause of your back pain, a referral to a specialist may be recommended.

How Long Will My Back Pain Last?

This depends on the nature and severity of your injury and how long you've been dealing with it. Generally speaking, most cases of back pain typically last for a few days to a few weeks. However, if you don't follow the prescribed treatment plan or if the cause of your back pain is severe, the recovery time could be much longer. It's important to consult a professional who can accurately diagnose and treat your back pain.

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