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Regain physical health and well-being with personalized wellness sessions.

Each STRUCTURAL RESTORATION session is focused on clearing physical distortions to restore optimal functioning and facilitate the process of regaining a healthy physical structure.  It has become an unfortunate fact that our "healthcare" promotes "sickcare" rather than wellness care.  Treating only the area that causes pain leaves the rest of your system out of balance resulting in continued injury and weakness which inevitably can lead to more complicated health problems and chronic pain.

Your STRUCTURAL RESTORATION session is an intensive 30 minutes correction and depending upon your condition, duration, age and exam findings may require follow up sessions.  You will be provided with a pre-treatment and post-treatment digital posture analysis which provides you with the opportunity to witness the dramatic changes as a result of your body's functional and structural restoration.

Patients have reported long term benefits including and not limited to the following:

- Long term to permanent resolve of chronic pain issues (Frozen Shoulder, Knee Pain, etc.)

- Dramatic postural improvements (Scoliosis, Hump Back, Sway Back, etc.)

- Cosmetic Correction (Deformaties Due to Chronic Arthritis - Crooked Fingers, Bunions & Hammer Toes, etc.)

- Complete resolve of long term muscular skeletal abnormalities

- Repedative Stress Injuries (Carpel Tunnel, Tennis & Golfer Elbow, Trigger Finger, etc.)

- Sport Injuries

- Cancellation of surgical procedures

- Significant improvement in stress related disorders including auto-immune disorders (psoriasis , etc. ,,, , ),) Shortness of Breath and Anxiety

Sessions are $90.00 per session. Reduced rates are offered for 6 session packages.